reACTreACT is the world’s first Rapid Eccentric Anaerobic Core and Strength Trainer.  

Incredible strength gains based on two 4 - 6 minute exercises a week.  Used by the Military, NBA, NFL and leading Rehabilitation Clinics, reACT provides a Safe, Efficient and Effective workout for all ages.

Eccentric loading is a key component of many of our daily activities and athletic events. Eccentric loading can be described as the landing phase of walking and running, walking down stairs or a hill, landing from any jump, squatting down to lower an object of pick something up from the floor, any activity where someone is on their feet running with sudden changes in direction, decelerations or stops, and downhill skiing.

Eccentric loading is involved in almost all our daily activities and most sports, but eccentric training is not a common component of the average person’s workout including the average athlete.

Eccentric training results in a more rapid increase in muscle strength and size over concentric training techniques. Strength gains in eccentric training carry over to concentric movements but not the other way around. Eccentric training also requires a much lower level of oxygen consumption and cardiovascular stress and a lower rate of perceived exertion for any given level of force production. As such, eccentric exercise can be ideal for seniors and those with decreased cardiovascular capacity because it quickly and safely builds muscles and decreases fall risk significantly without overtaxing their cardiovascular systems.

The reACT functional eccentric trainer allows us to train our patients eccentrically but also helps them improve their balance, stability, and movement patterns. reACT uses a platform which rotates in a reverse elliptical pattern which forces the lower body to absorb the kinetic energy of the platform with no impact. By controlling the platform speed and posture the level of challenge can be precisely matched to the user so that it can be used by a wide range of abilities from seniors to Olympic athletes.