PancafitThe Raggi Method with the Pancafit Technique is a postural corrective program that is mostly based on the concepts of the French “Mezieres Method”. The method’s use of “decompensated postures” and corrective exercises directly address the root causes of body compensations and imbalances that arise over time secondary to trauma, injury, pain, and stress. The program also incorporates the concepts of several postural rehabilitative methods including and physical therapy.

Professor Daniele Raggi from Italy, is a physiotherapist, kinesiologist, and a certified Meziere Method practitioner. He developed the Raggi Method of global non-compensated stretching through the Pancafit technique. The method aims to affect the muscle, fascia and connective tissue chains and facilitates the release of the diaphragm through specific breathing techniques. Pancafit is a tool that aids in the method.