New Patient Information

Thank you for choosing Elite PT as your physical therapy provider. As part of our new patient intake process we ask that you please download, print and complete the required paperwork and either submit to us by faxing to the office of your scheduled visit, or bring with you on your initial appointment.

Please choose the appropriate downloadable packet for your particular situation:

  1. Health insurance: If you are using your own health insurance, either in-network or out-of- network benefits. Download Packet

  2. Medicare: If you are using Medicare benefits to cover your physical therapy expenses. Download Packet

  3. Workman’s Compensation: If your physical therapy will be covered by a workman’s compensation claim. Download Packet

  4. Auto Insurance Claim: If you physical therapy will be covered under an automobile accident claim. Download Packet

In addition, please download the appropriate Functional Questionnaire for the particular body part for which you require physical therapy. This questionnaire will assist your physical therapist with providing further information and aid in the evaluation process.

Foot and Ankle Functional Assessment
Hip Functional Assessment
Knee Functional Assessment
Lower Extremity Functional test
Upper Extremity Functional Assessment
Neck Disability Index Questionnairre
Oswestry Low Back Pain Disability Questionnaire
Pain Disability Index