I  don't  know  where  to  start,  to  thank  you  all for  my  miracle!

I  have  had  a  progressively  worsening foot  problem  while  walking,  with  severe

clenching  of  the  toes  in  my  left foot.  After  a  year,  the  problem  had  progressed  to  a

point  in  April  of  this  year  where  I  could  no  longer  walk  normally;  I  was  limping  badly,

and  I  was  no  longer  able  to  conduct  my  normal  life.  After  seeking  help  during  that

year from  several  podiatrists  and  another  PT  team  with  little  improvement,  I  was

becoming  desperate  to figure  out  what  was  wrong,  and  to  be  able  to  walk  normally



Then,  on  the  advice  offriends,  I  switched  to  Elite  PT  Rehoboth  and  that's  when  my

miracle  began.  From  the  start  everything  was  different!


Vivian  and  Amelia  were  undaunted  by  my  unusual  case  that  did  not fit  inside  a

convenient  box.  They  delved  in  and  analyzed  the  situation,  trying  many  different

things  to find  out  what  the  root  causes  were.  They  looked  at  my  body  in  its  entirety,

understanding  clearly  that  the foot  issues  were  being  triggered  by  issues  in  other

areas,  and  working  to  relieve  or  correct  those  issues.  They  tested for  nerve

involvement  also,  and  developed  treatments  and  exercises  to  improve  the  nerve

issues  they found.  They  understood  that  even  as  root  causes  were  being  worked  on

and  improved,  I  would  also  need  to  retrain  the foot  on  how  to  walk  normally  again.

So  they  made  the  anti-gravity  treadmill  a  part  of my  regime,  and  monitored  the

walking  gate  I  was  using  to  ensure  it  was  correct.  Vivian  took  over  and  went  even

further  over  time  to  find  many  contributing  factors,  including  some  significant

problems  in  the  right  leg  that  may  have  pre-dated  the  clenching,  and  put  pressure  on

the  left  leg.  Vivian  has  worked  incredibly  hard,  both  mentally  and  physically  on  my

case,  and  I  am  so  appreciative  of  that!


I  started  at  Elite  on  August  6,  and  on  August  231  was  able  to  walk  comfortably for

short  bursts for  the first  time  since  April!  For  me  this  is  truly  a  miracle.  I'm  not  out  of

the  woods  yet;  I  need  to  continue  working  with  you  to  correct  my  problems fully  and

to  strengthen  various  areas  so  that  I  can  walk  longer  distances.  But  I feel  I  am  on  the

road  to  recovery.


For  me  you  have  performed  a  miracle!  I  believe  there  are  concrete  reasons  for  why

this  miracle  occurred,  and for  why  you  are  different  than  any  other  PT  team  I  have

worked  with:

     You  have  a  simple  and  clear  philosophy,  and  that  philosophy  is  evident  in  your

process  every  day.

     You  are  willing  to  analyze  and  delve  into  a  complex  case,  and  you  have  the

knowledge  and  expertise  to  succeed  in  that.

     You  spend  2-3  times  more  hands  on  time  with  each  patient  than  other  PT

teams,  and  that  time  is  essential  to  analyzing  and  solving  problems  and

applying  healing  treatments.

     You  consistently  use  pre  and  post  treatment  testing  to  understand  if  what  you

are  doing  is  helping  the  situation  or  not  This  is  a  critical  discipline  that  others

rarely  have  value for.

     You  have  important  equipment  available  on  site,  (such  as  the  anti-gravity

treadmill  and  the  reformers)  that  other  PT  teams  do  not  have,  and  you  have

the  expertise  to  apply  these  to  individual  cases.

     You  have  a  supportive  team,  at  the front  desk  and  in  the  gym;  they  are  caring,

knowledgeable  and  very  helpful  in  keeping  the  patients  on  track  to  accomplish

their  goals.


These  are  the  things  that  dramatically  differentiate  you from  other  PT  teams.  Put

together  they  comprise  a  miracle  -  my  miracle!


Where  am  I  today?  I  am  walking  comfortably for  the first  time  in  over  a  year,  short

distances,  but  with  growing  excitement  over  being  able  to  walk  longer  distances.  And

I  am  singing  your  praises  to  anyone  who  will  listen.


Thank  you  all,  so  much,  for  all  that  you  do!


Thank you and and your team for your excellent care and treatment on the resolution of the pain from my sciatic nerve during this past year (June 2017 to January 2018).  Hayes Glandon was outstanding as he provided the needed treatment and as he helped me work through each step to return to full recovery!  He and the other members of your staff were professional, courteous, and concerned about my progress.

I have resumed all of my various types of exercises and feel no pain.  Also, I continue to do the exercises that I learned during the treatment period.

I continually recommend Elite PT to other people who seem to need your services.  Our community benefits from having you here.



Here’s the rundown – I ran Broad Street 10 Mile Run last year (my time was 1 hr 13 min, avg 7:18 per mile) and, soon after started having troubles stemming from a sports hernia.  As result, I could not run and had terrible pain.  From May to September I tried to just rest and deal with the problem with no success.  After seeing several doctors, I came to Kelly at Elite PT in October and began working on the problem.  Through 4-5 months of stretching, core exercises, changing my running form and some good deep tissue work, things began to improve.  In March I began to train again for the Broad Street and was feeling good and strong.  I ran the race with year with a time of 1 hr 11 min, avg 7:06 per mile – two minutes better than my last years’ time.  Best of all, I feel no more pain from the spot of the sports hernia.
I can’t thank Kelly enough for all her help and hard work.  I have to admit that I had my doubts through the process that I could recover and that surgery was imminent.  Kelly kept me focused and driving forward and now I am back to living the dream! 

After going to several PT places around and getting zero results, my orthopedic surgeon at JHH told me my arm was completely scarred down. Elite (on the Boardwalk next to the Henlopen Hotel) got my arm moving after two weeks of therapy. I’m far from done but they are the only ones doing manual therapy along with the exercises to increase range of motion.  I would have saved myself months and months of pain if I had known about them earlier. 
Thanks, HB

Elite PT essentially saved my career. After my third knee surgery I had kind of lost faith that I would ever be able to compete at that level again. Each day, the rehab program was adjusted to what my needs were on that specific day. Their focus on manual therapy is what separates them from many of the physical therapists I've worked with during my career, and those techniques are what I attribute to getting me back on the field so quickly. Beyond their actual treatment philosophy, what always amazed me was the way they care for each patient. Whether high school athlete, working mom, professional athlete, or senior citizen, the attention to detail and emotional investment in each person was no different. Thanks to everyone at Elite PT for getting me healthy again. - Chris Albright (Professional Soccer Player: New York Red Bulls & U.S. National Team)