Caroline Queale, MPT

Caroline has been a Physical Therapist for 26 years in Baltimore, Maryland. She received her Bachelor's degree in Biopsychology from Vassar College in 1985. Caroline then went on to perform research in neural plasticity at the Medical College of Pennsylvania. Caroline entered the first Master's Degree class in The University of Delaware Physical Therapy Program, and graduated in 1991.

Caroline was extended a position at The Johns Hopkins Hospital where she worked for eight years in multiple settings from the intensive care units to the outpatient setting. During this time, she was also a teaching assistant in the University of Delaware's Physical Therapy program, instructing students in Gross Anatomy, Neuro Rehab, and Electrophysiology.

Following her time at Johns Hopkins, Caroline worked in Home Care, allowing her the flexibility to care for her family, and expand her physical therapy expertise. Caroline then entered the private practice setting, treating primarily dysfunctions of the cervical and lumbar spine, with a focus on delivering highly skilled manual therapy.

Caroline’s treatment approach continues to emphasize manual therapy, combined with skilled corrective exercises, to enable each patient’s highest level of function. She is described to be one of the best diagnosticians in the Baltimore area, known for her ability to truly listen to her patients as their histories unfold. Her Mantra: “If you ask the right questions, and take the time to truly listen, your patient will lead you to the correct diagnosis.” Dr. Delia Chiaramonte of the Baltimore Health Examiner describes Caroline as “an expert diagnostician, like no other physical therapist she has ever had the opportunity to meet.” What sets Caroline apart is her ability to truly listen to her patients. This enables her to make better diagnoses and create an appropriate and individually tailored rehabilitation program to achieve her patient’s highest level of function. Caroline has a special interest in the performing arts, and has had the opportunity to work with Broadway Actors, Musicians from the BSO, and many local performers and rock stars, ensuring that the show truly does go on !

Caroline believes in educating her clients about their limitations, and empowering them with the knowledge they need to actively participate in achieving their goals, and improving their lives.