Mission Statement

Elite PT specializes in orthopedic, sports, and manual therapy.  It is our goal to provide services that satisfy and improve the lives of our patients.  At Elite PT you will find therapists and staff that have a passion for what they do and a compassion for those they meet.

Elite PT believes physical therapists should always incorporate a “hands on” manual therapy approach to treating patients.  We believe that our role is to diagnose and treat our patients through a combination of manual therapy and exercise. Our physical therapists have completed extensive manual therapy training and can identify dysfunctional joints that are not moving optimally, and soft tissue changes in the muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments and neural system.  Our therapists are committed to maintaining and updating our education through attendance and participation in continuing education conferences.

At Elite PT you will have the experience of being treated one-on-one with the same physical therapist for your initial evaluation and follow up physical therapy treatments as often as possible.  On occasion you may be seen by another physical therapist.  We have an outstanding team of therapists who collectively work together to provide you with the best care available.  We believe that working together as a team, often provides greater insight into the patients’ dysfunction and allows for a better outcome.

We provide personalized care and see only one patient every 30 to 60 minutes.  Each visit will include a combination of hands-on manual therapy and exercise specifically tailored to your needs.  In addition, we plan to educate, promote and empower our patients to take responsibility for their health and recognize their role in participating in their wellness.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Elite PT and we look forward to providing you with a service that meets your needs.