Here’s the rundown – I ran Broad Street 10 Mile Run last year (my time was 1 hr 13 min, avg 7:18 per mile) and, soon after started having troubles stemming from a sports hernia.  As result, I could not run and had terrible pain.  From May to September I tried to just rest and deal with the problem with no success.  After seeing several doctors, I came to Kelly at Elite PT in October and began working on the problem.  Through 4-5 months of stretching, core exercises, changing my running form and some good deep tissue work, things began to improve.  In March I began to train again for the Broad Street and was feeling good and strong.  I ran the race with year with a time of 1 hr 11 min, avg 7:06 per mile – two minutes better than my last years’ time.  Best of all, I feel no more pain from the spot of the sports hernia.
I can’t thank Kelly enough for all her help and hard work.  I have to admit that I had my doubts through the process that I could recover and that surgery was imminent.  Kelly kept me focused and driving forward and now I am back to living the dream! 

After going to several PT places around and getting zero results, my orthopedic surgeon at JHH told me my arm was completely scarred down. Elite (on the Boardwalk next to the Henlopen Hotel) got my arm moving after two weeks of therapy. I’m far from done but they are the only ones doing manual therapy along with the exercises to increase range of motion.  I would have saved myself months and months of pain if I had known about them earlier. 
Thanks, HB

Elite PT essentially saved my career. After my third knee surgery I had kind of lost faith that I would ever be able to compete at that level again. Each day, the rehab program was adjusted to what my needs were on that specific day. Their focus on manual therapy is what separates them from many of the physical therapists I've worked with during my career, and those techniques are what I attribute to getting me back on the field so quickly. Beyond their actual treatment philosophy, what always amazed me was the way they care for each patient. Whether high school athlete, working mom, professional athlete, or senior citizen, the attention to detail and emotional investment in each person was no different. Thanks to everyone at Elite PT for getting me healthy again. - Chris Albright (Professional Soccer Player: New York Red Bulls & U.S. National Team)

In June of 2008, I was struck head-on by a car while cycling and told by surgeons I would never ride, swim, or regain many normal everyday functions due to the severity of the injuries. Directed to a local PT practice by our insurance company and disillusioned after 2 months of minimal progress, I contacted Elite PT following a recommendation from a friend. I sincerely believe that had I not done so, the surgeon's would have been correct. James "Hash" Hashimoto designed a rehabilitation program as unique as the injuries I suffered and over a period of 24 months, I slowly regained movement and have been able to get back on the bike and into the pool. Hash, Rudy and the team at Elite PT are the best and I've no doubt that without their expertise and emotional support, my life would look very different than it does today. The one downside is having to listen to Hash's bad jokes :-) Cheers, Karen.

"Baltimore is filled with healthcare gems.  Of course we have Hopkins and the University of Maryland, but that’s not all.  There are many dedicated, passionate healthcare providers in town who don’t toot their own horns nearly as much as they ought to.  Caroline Queale of Elite PT is like no physical therapist that I have ever met.  She is  an expert diagnostician who creates individualized treatment plans that really work. If you have pain, you need to stop in at Elite PT." - Dr. M. Delia Chiaramonte